The Modern SaaS Podcast

Modern Prospecting with LinkedIn Social Selling

Episode Summary

In this episode, Collin Cadmus (Revenue Growth Coach, Collin Cadmus, LLC) and Aditya Kothadiya (Co-founder & CEO, Avoma) discuss modern prospecting -- i.e., how to prospect in the modern SaaS era. ➡️ Key Points⁣ covered 00:00 - Intro 01:31 - What Collin Cadmus is upto, these days 04:05 - Make human sales more valuable than AI 07:52 - Recent bad experience when prospecting wasn't done well 15:58 - Why you don't recall great outreach experiences 18:56 - The mindset due to which prospecting fails 24:13 - How to get started with social selling on LinkedIn 27:07 - Start doing before selling it 32:00 - How building authority with authenticity works 39:33 - Converting the thought leadership into booking meetings 43:00 - Why it takes long for best practices to change 46:05 - Transition from dollars to value 54:02 - What does a forward looking SDR compensation model look like? 1:01:02 - Key highlights & takeaways