The Modern SaaS Podcast

How to win competitive deals?

Episode Summary

In this episode, Nathan Hymas (VP Sales, Avoma) and Yaag discuss how to win competitive deals by truly understanding the rules of the game. Nate shares some brilliant perspectives on how the discovery works differently in a competitive deal, the evaluation process and roles, success metrics and a lot more. ➡️ Key Points⁣ covered 00:00 - Intro 01:06 - How is discovery done differently in a competitive deal 03:01 - Controlling the narrative 05:19 - Understanding the rules of the competitive deal 07:55 - Agreeing on the evaluation process 9:39 - What moves the needle? 11:30 - Identifying the success metrics 17:39 - Humanizing the conversation to win trust 20:25 - Key takeaways